Our Work

Our Work

Everything about your business is reflected in your name and your logo. The colours, the fonts and the image. The graphic design – your corporate brand – that will represent your company is where the magic happens.

Signs serve as a type of silent salesperson for your business. Exterior signs draw attention to your unique brand and help differentiate it from others on the street and in your area. Interior signs help reinforce your unique message and  turn customers heads to give a strong presence to your company.

Creative Team

At FDF Signs our creative team work closely with you to produce signs which will present your corporate brand in the best possible light. Whether you decide to be bold or sophisticated, FDF Signs can produce banners, signs and displays that will attract the attention of your customers. Why not check out our gallery.


We cover all aspects of sign manufacturing, design, installation and maintenance.
From pylons which offer you a bespoke free standing sign, to painted foamex lettering which make your business and branding stand out literally, or stainless steel lettering and signs which will stand the test of time in promoting your business and not forgetting halo illuminated 3D letters to get your message across day or night.

Below is only a small example of what we offer so please feel free to get in touch with us to get your business noticed.
You can easily browse examples of our previous work by clicking on any photo for a larger example to be displayed.

Back Lit Signage



Once your design has been finalised your signs will go into production.  At FDF Signs we take personal pride in the back-lit signs we manufacture.

Each and every sign is manufactured in our workshop using only the best quality materials  to the highest possible finish. We take care to ensure you end up with a reliable product that will be durable, well made and great value for money.

This care and attention to detail has earned us a good reputation amongst our clients which is evident  in the recommendations, referrals and repeat business in a very competitive market place.

Vehicle Wrapping



In most industries your brand has competition which makes the use of traditional advertising frustrating at times as you are but one amongst a field of industries. To stand out means you must be seen as out-of-the-ordinary when compared to your competitors. This is where vehicle wrapping is an invaluable tool.

Whether you have a single company car, truck or van, or a fleet, it’s time you transformed those everyday vehicles into moving advertising boards.

On a daily basis you can connect your customers with your brand in a way that no other marketing medium can.

FDF Signs specialise in wrap designs that give your brand making a memorable impression on existing and potential customers.

If you want your brand to be recognized and be at the top of your client’s mind when they are in a position to need your services or product then a custom wrap on your company car or van should be considered.

A vehicle wrap is a substantial opportunity to engage your potential clients and gives your advertising a major boost.

If your company vehicle isn’t wrapped then in turn they look like every other vehicle. Your branded vehicles will make an impression on thousands of potential clients every day – even when you don’t know it!

Board Signage



FDF Signs design and manufacture the highest quality board-signage.

Foam PVC or Foamex is a lightweight but durable rigid plastic sheet usually 5mm thick. At FDF Signs we use high resolution printing to ensure a quality sign, weatherproof and UV resistant.
At FDF Signs we print directly to the Foamex and can to cut the design to custom sizes and so create the perfect display solution for your needs.

Corriboard is a fluted polypropylene sheet – a ‘plastic’ corrugated cardboard. The twin wall structure makes the sheet lighter than solid boards.
This inexpensive and extremely durable material allows FDF Signs to design and create signs which are rigid UV, Chemical and water resistant and durable.

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